Meet the Band

Inner Child is ass shaking fun! Always playing to full, rocking, crowds of happy people!! Inner Child brings the best time around~ Make sure to catch a show in 2020!!!



Pammi Kehoe: Lead Vocals, Big personality with vocals to match~

The founder and lead vocalist for Inner Child, Pammi discovered her talented voice at a young age and has been fronting bands since the age of 15. Through years of Rock n Roll she has crafted her talent and stage presence..... developing an uncanny ability to get people on their feet and shaking their booty!!!  Pammi has been the lead singer of many bands through her
career, including Time Well Wasted, The Complaining Neighbors, Side Project and now Inner Child, the concept and desire she has had for years, now brought to the stage. Pam has been influenced by and covers everything from Melissa Ethridge & Skynyrd to Pink & Alanis Morrisette as well as all the kick ass male singers of the genre like Tyler, Plant and Axle......don't miss the energy when Pam hits the stage.


Golden Pipes
Radiant Smile


Wally Nichols.... I have about 30 years of live and recording experience. I also have been teaching drums for about 10 years. I am very comfortable playing lots of different styles. Including rock, blues, swing and country. I am also comfortable bringing it down for an acoustic setting. I am a quick learner and know hundreds of songs from the past 6 decades. I understand the importance of putting on a "show" and giving everything I have to whom ever I am on stage with. Some artists I have performed with, Hersh Gardner, The Bars, Josh Logan, Norm Bishop, Higher Ground, Kantu Blues Band, Trainwreck (with Mikey G) just to name a few... Influences: This is a very short list of some of the drummers who have had an impact on me, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Tommy Aldridge, Brian Tichy, Joe Morello, Uriel Jones (Mowtown great)...

Equipment list:

Ludwig classic maple drums, Zildjian cymbals,SURE Beta series mics and ear monitors, Vic Firth sticks




Nick Kremidas- Bass Guitar and vocals

Nick has rock and rolled his way through the music scene since the 80's, playing with such groups as The Suspects, Caution, Cheeky Monkey, Last Call, Scorch, Swampjuice and Monkey Wrench. After meeting up with old friends, they got together and formed the cover band "Cheeky Monkey", who went on to play hundreds of live shows in the N. Mass / S. NH area. He was their lead guitarist for almost 10 years.
Looking for something new, Nick started playing in a 3 piece acoustic cover band called "Last Call", that was very marketable, and played quite a bit at all kinds of great restaurants and bars on a steady basis.  And though he was making good money, he wasn't happy playing acoustically.
Having played so much with an acoustic band, Nick's vocals got better and he decided to try being a lead singer in a full on rock cover band. After auditioning for "Scorch" in 2003, he soon became their Lead singer and Rhythm guitarist for 3 years.
Meeting up with old friends strikes again but this time Nick ends up playing bass in a Poison Tribute Band called "Swampjuice" in 2008.
Nick seems to be settled into playing bass for now. Having played with "Monkey Wrench" and other bands in the area as their bassist.
When one band breaks up, another one picks him up. And "Inner Child" did just that. And the rest is history!

HARTKE bass amps paired with several different speaker cab configurations
B.C. RICH , IBANEZ, SPECTOR, YAMAHA, KRAMER basses. Too many to list
ONLY USES - MOGAMI cables and DIMARZIO guitar strap locks, no exceptions
D'Addario XL strings


Bob Gerrish- Lead Guitar

Bob started playing guitar in the early 80's concentrating on a mixture of classic rock and the cutting edge hard rock of the more modern era. After a few years he grew frustrated with his progress and decided to follow his first passion.... The Accordion!   Alas his quest to become the "Polka King" would never be realized as the demands of a grueling 3 week northern  Wisconsin Chedderfest tour proved to be too much and he decided to go back to the quieter life of rock-n-roll. With renewed vigor he returned to his faithful and patiently waiting Jackson guitar and never looked back. Touring with bands like the great Scandinavian gospel act "Bjorn Again" also the opening leg of the You First Tour 92 with Guyana Kool-aid. Although I would like to dispel a rumor, Bob never played a gig with Lying Bitch and the Restraining Orders, I don't care what she says she can't prove it! Now Bob is the seasoned lead with Inner Child. We are just so lucky...




Jackson Soloist and Gibson Les Paul
Fractal Audio AXE FX3 and FC-12 
Matrix Powered Amps and Accugrove FRFR cabs....